A Heaven to Die For


Does an unexpected tragedy like this grip you? A popular and talented actor suddenly gone at such a young age.

We can go through our busy routines each day without even a thought of something like this happening in our lives. But chances are, in the not too distant future, you’ll find your life cruising along, and death will rudely shove its way in front of you, either for yourself or someone you know. Staring you in the face. Demanding to take you places you’ve never been. Talk about a game changer!

Certainly the physical and emotional trauma that death brings upon us in this world is nothing to make light of. No one enjoys going through that. But what if we had the understanding that passing on was actually something to look forward to? That something far more incredible waited for us on the other side? An existence brimming with wonder, exhilaration and adventure. Times filled with love, vitality and purpose. Where not even a hint of fear, boredom or hopelessness can be conceived.

And what will we actually do there? How will we spend each moment? I’m more than curious to know.

The answers are nothing less than astonishing.

With this blog, I want to provide a forum for us to explore the deep waters of what God has to say about these things, hoping you will participate in the dialogue, and in doing so, that you will reap encouragement for your life today. The invitation stands for you to dive into the riches of His eternity, and for anyone else you think might want to engage . . .

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  1. Hi cuz great book will reccomend it to a lot of people our pastor lovesit

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